Equine Planning Solutions are happy to report that planning approval has been obtained from Lancaster City Council for a private equestrian development in Yealand Redmayne East of Silverdale. The new development will see the construction of a new Outdoor Arena together with Stabling for up to 5no. horses, Tack and Feed rooms.

The site at Yealand Redmayne is part of the Arnside and Silverdale AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) where significant protection is afforded to the openness and landscape character of the rural area. As well as having to address planning issues associated with the AONB a number of other key planning constraints had to be negotiated before planning approval was finally obtained. These included a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) and a Locally Listed dwelling.

Where tree preservation orders are imposed it will be necessary to obtain the input of an Arboriculturalist or Tree Specialist. TPO’s are put in place by the local authority to protect individual  trees, groups of trees or woodland where loss of these trees would otherwise negatively impact on the landscape character of the site. Where proposed works are likely to affect TPO’s it will be necessary to apply for permission from the local authority. The proposed Arena in this instance did not involve works to the existing tree, it was the proximity of the Arena to the protected tree which led to Arboricultural mitigation being required.

Where works are to be undertaken close to Listed Buildings the local authority will need to consider whether or not the works will negatively impact the historic character of the listed building or its setting. A Heritage Statement may be required to assess the history and quality of the listed building and mitigation such as new landscaping, use of specific external materials or specific methods of construction may need to be incorporated into the scheme before the proposals can be supported.

Equine Planning Solutions have a wealth of experience in dealing with equestrian planning applications. As part of our role we will manage and co-ordinate any external consultant input required to address planning concerns. External consultants may include ecologists, landscape architects, Tree Surveyors or even Archaeologists. Our experience at dealing with these consultants is vital to securing planning approvals.

If you would like advise on your proposed equestrian development please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.