Limes Farm, Upper Lambourn

A former Jockey Club Estates depot located within the AONB and close to Upper Lambourn conservation area the proposed development at Limes Farm will see the demolition of former storage buildings and construction of a new racehorse training yard.

The development which was approved in 2016 included a two storey 4no. bed detached trainer’s residence, groom’s accommodation in the form of 7no. bedsits and 2no. two bed cottages. Equestrian facilities included 60no. stables in two stable barns, horse walkers, loading bays and wash bays. The site also includes conversion of an existing barn into stable yard office accommodation.

This site was subject to numerous planning constraints as well as physical constraints due to existing topography and various easements. Design development was carefully considered and undertaken in close collaboration with the client and local authority with key considerations being visual impact, security and use of local materials.