Redland the Police Horse set for retirement after serving 13 years in the forces mounted section.

Redland an Irish Draught cross, has served at demonstrations including the Bristol Riots, football matches, the 2012 Olympics and a royal wedding during his career but now at the age of 19, Avon and Somerset Police said it was time for his “well-earned retirement”.

Standing at 17 hands three inches, Redland joined the mounted section at the age of six, in 2003.
“It will be sad to see him retire and he will be greatly missed by all.” said Jonathan Green, from the force’s mounted section.

Redland will retire to the Bristol-based horse rescue charity HorseWorld, along with his former work colleague Beaufort.

Equine Planning Solutions continue to sponsor 10no. horses at the World Horse Welfare Site Penny Farm in Lancashire. If you would like to support horses like Redland get in touch with your local horse rescue centre.