Horse owners and riding enthusiasts in the North East are being invited to a series of events to help protect equestrian property as police clamp down on criminals who are persistently targeting rural stables and

North Yorkshire Police has announced the Horsewatch events following eight break-ins in Hambleton and Harrogate districts in the last month.

Tack rooms are an easy target for thieves and should ideally be located in a secure position of the yard in an area that can be easily monitored.

Secure by design is a means of designing out crime, whilst it is not always possible to make a building entirely burglar-proof there are things that can be done to make tack rooms more secure.

Tack rooms should be constructed in masonry rather than timber. A strong secure door is essential. Steel-lined doors are available; door frames should also be steel if possible.

Where tack rooms are housed in timber buildings it is a good idea to line the walls and ceiling with reinforced steel mesh with an internal lining of plywood. There should be no windows into your tack room. Use integral locks rather than padlocks and alarm your tack room, there are systems now available which will alert your mobile phone should your security be