Horse racing is becoming more and more popular with an attendance rate of over 6 million over last year’s set of fixtures, here are a few facts that you didn’t know about the sport.


  1. Chariot races run in ancient Rome are the earliest known example of organised horse races. However, it’s likely that horses were raced as long ago as 4,500 BC in Central Asia


  1. In the history of the sport no horse has ever won a race over the age of 18. On average they will live between 25-30 years old and at the age of 15 they will normally retire from racing


  1. Retired racehorses usually go on to dressage or other equestrian events to keep them active. Gold Cup winners Kauto Star and Denman both went on to do dressage



  1. The South West is the most successful part of the UK for hose racing. The top 3 in the National Hunt Trainers championship are based in the south west, two from Somerset and one from Dorset


  1. The Grand Nations is getting safer. The worlds most famous race is known for its risk factor. However, it is getting safer due to the quality of the racehorse and the lowering of fences. There have been no fatalities in the race since 2012


  1. 10 million people across the world tuned in to watch last year’s grand national


  1. Thoroughbred horses are bred for speed, agility and determination. They trace their ancestry to Arabian horses bred with horses from England.